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B Sharp Cabinets has be designing and constructing speaker cabinets since 1985

Designing & Building custom studio monitors for Tannoy (TGI), to over hundreds of studios and mastering suites since early 1990s.

Today we are moving forward with our own
line of monitors and HiFi speakers under the name
"BSC Research" and we hope you enjoy the experience.

BSC Research welcomes our highly anticipated upcoming generation of Studio near field monitors, the Dual 6 & the Bezel 8 series, has raised a lot of interest amoung well known Studio Facilities. The beta club application period for the Dundee 8 has only just now closed, and there is a lot of excitement about this new line. With that excitement comes a lot of questions about its features, capabilities, design, and technical specs.

From the early years our initial focus was Designing & Building PA systems, manufacturing the cabinets for propietary systems for production companies all or southern Ontario as well as cabinets for Martin Audio for their North American market.

The Dundee 8


Woofer - Poly cone with rubber surround
Tweeter description 1" horn loaded compression Driver
Frequency Response 38Hz - 20kHz +/- 3 dB
Program Power 180 watts
Nominal impedance 8 ohms
Sensitivity 2.83v@ 1 meter 96dB


Our Horn design precisely controls the drivers movement, reducing distortions caused by the low frequency cone modulating the mid and high frequencies.


Our higher sensitivity means less amplifier power is needed resulting in less heat generated in the woofer voice coil, there by greatly reducing power compression


This driver control also reduces driver nonliterary that are caused by excessive cone movement.

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